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Nothing happens without fuel.

Fuel Relief Fund is on the ground in Puerto Rico! As reported in all the major news outlets, the lack of fuel continues to be the most pressing need. Relief supplies are at hand, but the fuel to get them to the people is not.
Most of the island is still without electrical power. The entire grid was destroyed, so the only electrical power is coming from generators, powered by fuel. This situation is expected to last for months, maybe even a year. The devastation is immense. People are still dying. Many have gone without any type of aid. People in some areas are drinking rain water. People with diabetes have no access insulin. Dialysis centers have run critically low on fuel to run their generators. Fuel stations continue to run low and operate for only a few hours at a time. The lines for fuel are unbelievably long.

Fuel Relief Fund is providing FREE FUEL to those in need.
  • We are giving away fuel to the people of Puerto Rico so they can run their vehicles and generators.
  • We are giving away fuel to clinics, hospitals, and elderly care facilities so they can have lights, refrigeration, and working medical equipment.
  • We are giving away fuel to fill generators to operate water treatment plants so people have clean drinking water.
  • We are giving away fuel to first responders and other NGO’s so they perform their life-saving work.

Every dollar goes to procuring fuel and the logistical support to deliver it. Nothing is spent on overhead. You cannot imagine what a difference free fuel will make to the people of Puerto Rico.

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Fondo de Alivio de Combustible esta en el suelo en Puerto Rico! Como se informo en todos los principales nuevos puntos de venta, la falta de combustible sigue siendo la necesidad mas urgente. Los suministros de socorro estan en mano , pero el combustible para conseguirlos no estan. La mayor parte de la Isla sigue sin electricidad. Toda la red fue destruida , asi que la unica energia viene de los generadores, accionados por combustible. Esta situacion se espera que dure por meses, O incluso anos. La devastacion es inmensa. La gente sigue muriendo. Muchos han ido sin ningun tipo de ayuda. Personas en algunas zonas estan bebiendo agua de lluvia. Las personas con diabetes no tienen acceso a las insulinas. Centros de dialysis han funcionado criticamente bajo en combustible para ejecutar sus generatos. Las estaciones de combustible siguen funcionando en baja y funcionan solo durante unas pocas horas a la vez y las lineas son increiblemente largas.

Fondo de Alivio de Combustible esta proporcionando combustible GRATIS a los necesitados.
  • Estamos regalando combustible a la gente de Puerto Rico para que puedan manejar sus vehiculos y generaciones.
  • Estamos regalando combustible a las clinicas, hospitales y centro de atencion a personas mayores para que puedan tener equipos medicos ligeros, y refrigeracion
  • Estamos regalando combustible para llenar generadores para operar planes de tratamiento de agua para que la gente tenga agua limpia para tomar.
  • Estamos regalando combustible a los primeros respondedores y a otras ONG’S para que puedan realizer su trabajo de salvar vidas.

Cada dolar se destina a la adquisicion de combustible y apoyo logistico para entregarlo. Nada se gasta en gastos generals. No se puede imaginar lo que una diferencia de combustible gratis hara a la gente de Puerto Rico.

Nothing happens without fuel. First responders need fuel for their vehicles. Hospital generators need fuel to operate around the clock. Without fuel, municipalities can’t sanitize the water. People don’t have heat or power to stay warm in shelters.

When disaster strikes, Fuel Relief Fund (FRF) is a first responder, identifying fuel needs and delivering it to people affected by the disaster and the relief agencies that serve them. FRF has provided hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel, powering the efforts of nearly 200 aid agencies around the world, including the Red Cross, United Nations OCHA, the World Food Programme, Doctors without Borders and many others. As the only non-governmental organization in the world focused solely on solving fuel crises in disaster situations, these organizations rely on us to help save lives whenever disaster strikes.



First step
Fuel is the first step in getting aid, food and water, and medical help to those in need after major disasters. Food is stranded without fuel, and camps and shelters are dark and cold. Without fuel, precious time is lost, and people are at greater risk of harm, injury and loss.
On the ground
FRF aims to be on the ground within 24 to 72 hours of a major disaster, deploying teams of highly skilled volunteers and working as an independent support partner to United Nations OCHA, WFP, and UNHRD. We identify fuel needs, source fuel locally; then fund and transport the fuel to those in need, bringing hope, relieving suffering and helping save lives.
FRF approach
FRF’s rapid, flexible, targeted and cost-effective approach is the result of strong collaboration with fuel providers, corporations, various levels of government of an affected country, local citizens, and service organizations on the ground who provide critical operational support for our deployments. We solve complex fuel and energy challenges in real time, improving the speed, quality and effectiveness of the humanitarian response.
Relief as global priority
More than ever, disaster relief is a global priority. The number, scale, and severity of natural disasters and climate-related events have risen sharply in the past 30 years - with nearly four times as many disasters happening now than in 1980.
The only NGO
FRF is the only non-profit charitable organization in the world focused solely on solving fuel crises, and providing fuel free of charge to affected populations in disaster situations. Through our highly in-demand services, we are ready and able to sustain critical life-saving support and humanitarian services to hundreds of thousands of people, helping communities get back on their feet when every second counts.


Our Board of Directors and volunteers have extensive experience in the fuel industry, transportation, security, logistics and disaster response. Their expertise and intelligence have proven essential for organizing rapid, cost-effective and efficient fuel delivery to the right areas and organizations following disasters.

Fuel Relief in 3 basic steps



After identifying where fuel is most needed, FRF first responders negotiate and secure the fuel at the closest available facility.


While sourcing adequate reserves, FRF arranges transportation of fuel to the areas with the greatest needs.


Fuel is donated to people affected by the disaster, and to first responders, hospitals, schools, orphanages and other institutions.

National Public Radio on FRF's assistance after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

"The Fuel Relief Fund doesn't have its own supertanker or a helicopter that drops oil barrels from the sky... they raise support from small donors, people in the petroleum industry and others... and then purchase fuel locally, getting it to where it is most needed...”

Why fuel relief is critical

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