Fuel Saves Lives

Fuel Relief Fund is the world's only charitable organization focused exclusively on addressing fuel supply challenges in major disasters. By providing free fuel to affected communities and the aid agencies that support them, we empower disaster survivors to meet basic food, shelter, and medical needs and enable life-saving humanitarian activities.

About Fuel Relief Fund

When disaster strikes, Fuel Relief Fund (FRF) is a first responder, identifying fuel needs and delivering it to people affected by the disaster and the relief agencies that serve them.

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In the aftermath of a disaster, fuel is a crucial, life-saving resource that enables first responders and aid workers to undertake search and rescue operations, provide emergency medical services and shelter, deliver food and water, heat camps, power equipment and ensure light source. As we have witnessed time and again, disasters often result in fuel shortages, leaving survivors without the means to travel to medical facilities; light, heat or cool their homes; or even feed their families.

Fuel Relief Fund fills the fuel supply gap during the early phases of a disaster when the most urgent humanitarian activities occur. Utilizing industry expertise and providing fuel distribution resources, we help re-open the fuel supply chain in disaster-affected areas, allowing relief agencies to deliver life-saving aid and enabling affected families to meet basic food and shelter needs.

Fuel Industry Expertise + Disaster Response Experience

The Fuel Relief Fund team has extensive experience in the fuel industry, as well as in transportation, security, logistics and disaster response. Our expertise has proven essential for organizing rapid and cost-effective solutions to fuel supply shortages after disasters.

Fuel Relief in 3 basic steps

  • Sourcing

    After identifying where fuel is most needed, FRF first responders negotiate and secure the fuel at the closest available facility.
  • Transporting

    While sourcing adequate reserves, FRF arranges transportation of fuel to the areas with the greatest needs.
  • Supplying

    Fuel is donated to people affected by the disaster, and to first responders, hospitals, schools, orphanages and other institutions.
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Fuel Relief FundNothing happens without fuel

  • FRF’s methodology is simple

    FRF’s methodology is simple

    FRF’s methodology is simple, yet effective. Board members agree within 24 hours to respond, and our team of highly skilled, trained volunteers then immediately deploys to the local area in need.
  • Fuel is the first step

    Fuel is the first step

    Fuel is the first step in getting aid, food and water, and medical help to those in need after major disasters. Food is stranded without fuel, and camps and shelters are dark and cold. Without fuel, precious time is lost, and people are at greater risk of harm, injury and loss.
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