Fuel Relief Fund aims to reduce fuel shortage-related suffering as a result of natural disasters and other emergencies through the provision of free fuel to individual civilians, first responders, humanitarian aid actors, civil protection agencies, and critical infrastructure.

FRF’s emergency response teams are made up almost entirely of highly qualified and dedicated volunteers who work alongside core FRF staff to source, transport and distribute fuel to beneficiaries around the world. In order to ensure that we can respond rapidly and effectively, we maintain a robust roster of qualified volunteers who are ready to lend a helping hand at a moment’s notice.

Rostered responders fall into two categories: Emergency Fuel Management (EFM) and Emergency Communications Management (ECM). EFM volunteers tend to do more of the (literal) heavy lifting and are more involved in the distribution aspect of deployments, while ECM volunteers focus primarily on handling communications and reporting activities, such as gathering beneficiary data and communicating with the press.

Qualifications for EFM and ECM volunteers differ, but all volunteers should possess the experience, skills, attitude to operate effectively in austere environments. FRF responders are fully sponsored (all deployment-related expenses are covered), however, all roster members must have the personal/travel documents and necessary equipment to deploy to the field.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer responder team in the field, please contact info@fuelrelieffund.org for more information.