Fuel Relief Fund helps millions of people around the world in preparing for and responding to large-scale, crisis-related fuel challenges. We utilize our subject matter expertise and decades of fuel industry and emergency response experience to offer the following services to national and local governments, regional disaster management organizations, aid agencies, and other humanitarian clients.

Emergency Response Support

Providing fuel resources during the emergency response phase of a sudden onset disaster: sourcing locally, transporting safely, and distributing directly to beneficiaries.

Fuel Supply Chain Supervision

Management of, or subject-matter-expert advising on, emergency fuel supply chain in protracted crises, including: contract negotiations, safety and security protocols and procurement; remote inventory management; and after-action reviews and preparedness planning.

Expert Advising

Contributing to, or subject-matter-expert advising on, the development or revision of crisis preparedness measures and guidance documents; emergency response and mitigation plans; and after-action reviews.


Are you a first responder or aid agency in need of fuel?
If FRF is operational in your area, you may be able to receive fuel assistance using the FRF Real-Time Locator. Log in with your FRF Partner credentials to see where fuel relief fund is, what services and products we have available, and how best to reach us. During a disaster, we update this information on a daily basis, so check back regularly for the most up-to-date information.