Hurricane Harvey Deployment

Hurricane Harvey was upgraded to a Category 4 storm before arriving on the Texas coast, making it stronger than Hurricane Sandy and Tropical Storm Katrina when they reached land. More than 300,000 people are without power and that number is growing.

Extensive damage by the eye of the hurricane and the subsequent torrential rains have devastated countless homes and others are uninhabitable.

The country's second largest refinery is damaged and others have been forced to temporarily shut down - this has lead to severe gas shortages across the area.

Fuel is needed to power generators and provides victims access to emergency care and shelter. Sometimes they just need a view gallons to flee the area.

Our team of Fuel Relief Fund volunteers will continue to assess the areas of greatest need and will provide fuel Relief there.

Please support our efforts and consider participating by making a donation now.

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Sep 3.

The Harvey relief effort continues. The aftermath is devastating! We now have 3 trucks giving away free fuel to first responders, police, fire departments, and to individuals for vehicles and generators. We will soon run out of funds to purchase more fuel. PLEASE consider donating. Fuel Relief Fund or Global Giving.



Sep 2.

Karen Decker on facebook: Angels of Mercy are found everywhere in Port A today. This particular stop was the Fuel Relief Fund and our fantastic Mayor Charles Bujann thanking them.








Sep 1.

Today we are grateful! Grateful for the tremendous support Fuel Relief Fund has received for the Hurricane Harvey deployment. Right now 2 more tanker trucks have reached TX and several more volunteers are on the way so we will soon be servicing multiple locations. There is no way we can thank all of you but need to mention a few who have gone above and beyond. Volunteers in the field are currently sleeping in the truck cab and in their cars. They wash their clothes in the Gulf. Incredible dedication.

Aug 31.

Today we moved our operation from Rockport to Port Aransas. The team drove two hours ahead of the fuel truck in order to do assessments and to make contact with the local govt. Port Aransas is devastated by the hurricane. Most buildings are partially or completely destroyed. The city manager and police welcomed us with open arms and found us a large open parking lot to setup. We setup and as soon as word spread we filled cars and gas cans continuously, from 12 until 600 pm. We limited it to 5 gallons per vehicle but we were able to fuel all gas cans for generators. Port Aransas is an isolated town and there are no working gas stations. They were mostly destroyed. They also have no power at all. People were so thankful and couldn't believe that an organization existed that gave away free fuel. Even with our late start we managed to distribute approx 1200 gallons of gasoline and 250 of diesel fuel. Please realize Fuel is becoming more and more scarce in TX.

Aug 31.

Our Team is on the way to Port Aransas. They report widespread and complete devastation. We will update you when they start giving away fuel! August 30. On the website of DallasNews the following was posted:

North of the devastated cafes, antique emporiums and art galleries, two Boston firefighters attracted a line of cars that stretched across a large shopping strip. The motorists, waited anxiously as Joe Lee and Sean Wilson, filled up – for free – as many five gas cans apiece.

Both men volunteer for the Fuel Relief Fund, a charity organized after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The California-based group brings free gas to disaster zones so residents without power can fuel their vehicles and and power their generators.

On Tuesday, they gave away 2,500 gallons. On Wednesday, another 2,000 gallons. But that was their last day -- the free fuel ends once gas stations reopen for business.

“We don’t want to affect the local economy,” Lee said. “We only give until they start selling. When the locals get gas, we’re done.”

By Terri LangfordInvestigative reporter

Aug 30.

Today Fuel Relief Fund donated free fuel in the same locations as the previous day. The lines for only 5 gallons of gas per vehicle or to fill a 5 gallon can, wrapped around several city blocks. Our team estimates the line was almost a half mile long. They heard so many stories of those desperate for fuel, either to run their generators or to access help or shelter. No fuel is available yet and most people have been without power.

We thank all those who donated. The support has been overwhelming, but still more funds are needed. Our partner Global Giving is continuing their support and is assisting us with our fundraising efforts. We cannot thank Steve Greinke and SC Fuels enough for their incredibly generous corporate donation. Further thanks and gratitude to St.John's church in Orange for their kindness. Their congregation is making a difference with their kind support. Thanks Pastor Tim Klinkenberg and Fred and Mignon Whitaker. Also our hearts go out to the relatives of Tom Roch. Instead of flowers they asked to make a donation on behalf of Tom Roch to the Fuel Relief Fund.

Aug 29.

Today Fuel Relief Fund was able to start giving away free fuel in the areas that were hardest hit by the eye of Hurricane Harvey. Our team of dedicated volunteers stationed the fuel truck in a large parking lot centrally located for the citizens of Rockport, Lamar, Fulton and, Arkansas Pass. In these towns there is immense devastation and most people have either lost their homes or they are no longer inhabitable. There is absolutely no access to any fuel. In one day the Fuel Relief Fund team was able to give away more than 2000 gallons of fuel and 500 gallons of diesel. They gave about 10 gallons to each vehicle in the long line of cars. This fuel allowed people to escape from the area and find shelter in safer places. Additionally the team filled around 250 containers with between 1 to 5 gallons of fuel to power generators. There is no electricity at all in the area, so this free fuel enabled people to run their generators for lights and power. With your donations Fuel Relief Fund can continue their work. We thank all of you for your support. One day has already helped so many in need.

Aug 26.

The Fuel Relief Fund operational support team from Boston is deployed and a tanker truck with 7500 gallons of gasoline and 1500 gallons of diesel is heading towards Corpus Christi.