As a direct service provider, Fuel Relief Fund has responded to 22 large-scale disasters, providing assistance to thousands of beneficiaries and hundreds of aid agencies. Fuel Relief Fund has also supported large-scale emergency fuel management projects in countries across the globe, impacting millions of people in need.


For a significant proportion of the world’s population, essential daily activities such as cooking and refrigerating food, sanitizing drinking water, and heating their homes still require fuel. So, when a disaster strikes or armed conflict breaks out, and power is disrupted, the resulting fuel scarcity can leave millions of people without the means to meet basic food and shelter needs. In these contexts, fuel—like food or water—is a crucial resource.

Without fuel, critical and even life-saving activities are impeded – people can’t power home medical equipment, charge their phones to locate loved ones, or drive injured or sick family members to receive care. First responders can’t conduct search and rescue operations or run field hospital generators. And critical infrastructure, like water treatment plants and medical facilities, ceases to function.

That’s where Fuel Relief Fund comes in. FRF is the world’s only charitable organization focused exclusively on fuel provision in natural disasters and complex emergencies. Leveraging our fuel industry and humanitarian sector expertise, FRF manages emergency fuel supply chain in the direst of circumstances. We operate both as a first responder in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and as an expert advisor to governments and humanitarian aid agencies preparing for, or responding to, crisis-related fuel challenges.

First Responder

Sourcing, transporting and distributing fuel to beneficiaries in sudden onset disasters

Expert Advisor

Developing response plans and preparedness measures to prevent fuel challenges
in humanitarian crises

Project Supervisor

Managing ongoing fuel supply chain projects in protracted crises and complex emergencies

featured deployment

Hurricane Michael

FRF deployed to Florida to respond to Hurricane Michael, the most powerful storm to make landfall in the United States since 1992.

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