Fuel Relief

Nothing happens without fuel.

Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean and lashed into Haiti on 4 October 2016, taking its toll on vulnerable communities where over 70% of the population already lives in poverty, and ravaging Haitiā€™s fragile southwestern corridor. Winds up to 235 km/h and rainfall of over 200 mm tore apart homes, livelihoods, and families. Tens of thousands of people are suffering ā€“ particularly those still cut off by the storms damage ā€“ and the double threat of cholera and hunger could follow.

Fuel Relief Fund First Response Team is partnering with national and local fuel providers in Haiti to ensure fuel quickly reaches the hands of those who need it most.

Because of your support, Fuel Relief Fund is able to provide rapid, direct fuel relief to individuals and families on the frontlines of major disasters. Our experienced First Response Teams deploy into the heart of a disaster, providing fuel to power generators, bring light in darkness, enable families to locate one another, and power the humanitarian response. Through strong collaboration with local, national and international partners, and our extensive network of fuel suppliers, we are known as an efficient, nimble, and reliable humanitarian partner providing direct relief to people in need after major disasters. In our last response to the Ecuador earthquake, we were able to provide fuel for 50,000 people, enabling them to cook and purify water for one month.

Thank you for your support for all those affected by this storm. Your generous donation offers fuel to families and individuals who are in need of assistance because of the hurricane, enabling them to have light, stay warm, boil and purify water, heat food; as well as enabling the work of our first responders who provide medical relief, food, water, shelter and protection. 100% of your donation for the Haiti Hurricane Matthew Response will go to providing fuel for individuals and families in need.