Fuel Relief

Nothing happens without fuel.

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When an earthquake devastated part of Ecuador in 2016, hundreds of thousands were cut off from safe drinking water and necessary supplies. Fuel Relief Fund sent a team of first responders and supplied fuel to more than 50,000 people to cook and purify water.

Every dollar we raised provided fuel to one person for one month. It took us weeks to raise funding, however – to a family without safe drinking water and the ability to prepare food, that is too long.

We are reaching out to you today to help us do better for those in need when disasters strike in the United States or anywhere in the world. Your annual membership donation will ensure that those affected by the most unimaginable crises will receive fuel to gas vehicles, purify water, heat homes, power generators, perform medical services, or fulfill other basic needs.

"I couldn’t help but noticing, there was a line for water 20 people long, a line for food 30 people deep, and then looked at FRF’s line for fuel which stretched 250 to 300 strong. Without fuel, not much else can get accomplished.”

- Bill Lavin, New Jersey Fire Captain helping in Superstorm Sandy Relief.


About Fuel Relief Fund

When disaster strikes a community, the effects on its residents can be devastating. Often, the devastation is intensified by unemployment, poverty and inequality. At FRF, we aim to eliminate one of the many setbacks faced by providing fuel to communities affected by disasters, as well as the first responders and agencies who provide assistance during these tragic times. We are the only non-profit organization in the world supplying free fuel as disaster response.
Founded in 2005 by volunteers in the fuel industry in response to Hurricane Katrina, our successful track record in responding to major global disasters prompted the United Nations to name us its go-to organization for fuel relief in 2015. As an independent non-profit agency, our goal is to build our capacity to meet this challenge.
The time to give is now, as we can never predict when — or who — the next disaster will hit. Together, we can power effective disaster response. Together, we can save lives with fuel.


Choose Your Membership

  • $100, Retailer Level - Ideal for convenience stores and gas stations, you’ll be listed as a member in our annual report, receive the right to put our branded sticker on your storefront, and receive our newsletters and updates during disaster response. Join here.

  • $100, Individual Level - For anyone in the community or any gas/oil businessperson that wants to use fuel as a force for good! You’ll receive our newsletters, updates and special invitations to our national and regional events. Join here.

  • $250, Fuel and Related Industry Bronze Level - If you’re a local fuel distributor or related business, this level will afford your recognition on our website and in disaster situations; rights to use our logo on your vehicles, at your stores, and on your marketing materials; and invitations to our exclusive networking and charity events. Join here.

  • $500, State Association Silver Level - Our vision is that every State fuel and energy association be listed as our official partner. Joining this network today will afford your organization all of the above mentioned membership benefits along with listing as our official partner and an invitation to register for our annual golf tournament. Join here.

  • $1,000 National Association Gold Level - All petroleum, energy, and related-business associations are invited to be our official partners at this level, with all above benefits as well as an invitation to register early for our annual golf tournament and national events. Join here.

  • $5,000 Refiner Diamond Level - This level is designed for refiners or any business or individual that wants to make a tremendous impact and save thousands of lives with fuel. You will receive all above benefits but also be listed as an official co-sponsor of an actual team of responders in a disaster situation. Join here.

Pledge Here

You can also pay the membership gift by

  • mailing us a check made out to Fuel Relief Fund, 5230 Wilson St., Riverside, CA 92509 (please mark PLEDGE in the subject line of your check)
  • paying with PayPal here
  • TEXT 949-304-5338 to give via our secure Text-to-Give system, simply type the amount you are giving in the text message (i.e. “100”)

Thank you for your support!