Fuel Relief

Nothing happens without fuel.

Sean Penn and Fuel Relief Fund Haiti 2010

"Fuel Relief Fund is one of the very few NGO's who work with a clear eye on post disaster immediate response needs. In Haiti, while so many others scrambled and weighed options, Ted Honcharik and his crew wasted no time. They traversed Haiti by day and night delivering fuel support to other NGO's, Hospitals, and the most and vulnerable communities. They are the most efficient and dynamic of any such organization." (Sean Penn, CEO JPHRO)

In 2010, Fuel Relief Fund was among those first on the ground when Haiti was struck by a 7.3 earthquake that killed over 220,000 people, injured more than 300,000 and left the entire country without power. We met the fuel needs of the families living in tent cities, so displaced people could have light and heat and the means to cook and purify water, and powered up generators for police stations, hospitals, medical clinics, and orphanages.

In 2016, we return to Haiti to help it recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. The Fuel Relief Fund team will respond to critical fuel shortages in the damaged areas, continuing its mission to supply fuel where it's most needed. Find out more.